Friday, August 23, 2013

Hip Protection at its Finest

There are many hip protectors on the market today; some have bad reputations for not being user compliant and others claim that they are the best with no proof.

When deciding if a hip protector is right for you consider a couple of things:
1. Do they have biomechanical testing?
2. Do they have real life studies in reducing hip fractures in a facility?
3. Do they have testimonials?
4. When you call, are they going to talk to you or will you get a recording?
5. Do they claim something that they cannot prove?

These are problems that separate a good hip protector from another. Visit to see what a great hip protector looks like: Biomechanical testing, testimonials, amazing user compliance and the best reputation you could imagine!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hip Protection for our Seniors

The percentage of hip fractures or severe injuries from falling increases as we age. There are many ideas to help prevent or avoid falling so this occurrence does not happen, such as:

Building your balance, Exercising, Stretching, Eating Healthy, Moving things around the house so you do not trip over them, Living an Active Lifestyle, Protective devices.

There are many protective devices on the market but most of them are big and bulky. They are large enough that people can see them underneath your clothes but what if no one could see it? What if you could wear a hip protector that is inconspicuous and has ultimate impact absorption??

ComfiHips® is the newest technology in hip protection devices and is becoming the most popular hip protector to wear! They are so lightweight that you do not feel them, so streamline that no one can see you wearing it, and so comfortable that you will never want to take it off!

Visit us at for more information on how to protect yourself with the hip protector that is revolutionizing fall prevention.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Assisted Living with ComfiHips

Florida Assisted Living Association had its annual conference this past August 14th and 15th. ComfiHips® was featured as the only hip protection product and everyone loved it! ComfiHips® inspired three types of reactions:

"WOW! Why haven't I heard of ComfiHips® before??"
"I need these in my facility right now!"
"I cannot believe you are wearing ComfiHips® right now!!"

"At every conference, we wear ComfiHips® to show how stream line and non obtrusive they really are," Iris Onrot (Co-Inventor of ComfiHips®) said, "no one knows we are wearing them until we tell them!"

This hip protector is a "one and only" product providing unbelievable impact absorption, affordability and user compliance. ComfiHips® is here to save lives... One hip at a time.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hip Protection at its Finest

When choosing hip protection there are a couple of things that one should think about.

1. Proven Biomechanical testing: If there are no tests showing impact absorption or it is not patented then do not waste your time.
2. Affordability: Most hip protectors are expensive, choose one this gives you the best price without sacrificing quality.
3. User Compliance: Make sure what you are getting is comfortable and people have and are using this hip protector.
4. Testimonials: Go to their website, such as and see if people actually stand behind this product.
ComfiHips® has all of these pillars and is a hip protector that people tell us, " I forget I am wearing them!"

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

FHCA and ComfiHips

The FHCA had its annual conference this past Monday and Tuesday (8/5 - 8/6) and it was a great opportunity for vendors to display their new products! ComfiHips® was close to center stage and impressed a lot of people there.

When attendee's came to our booth, they realized ComfiHips® is here to save lives. Its patented design provided undeniable impact absorption and the undergarments gave unquestionable comfort.

ComfiHips® is taking over the fall prevention market!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Florida Healthcare Association 2013

This year at the FHCA annual conference, it is considered to be the largest in the southeastern United States! There will be over 1000 attendees and 275 vendors but only 1 hip protector: ComfiHips®!

ComfiHips® is designed to save lives by reducing the probability of a hip fracture and severe injury from a fall. Its patented design impresses so many people that they tell us: "Out with the Old and in with the New!" ComfiHips® has been reported to be the most effective hip protector on the market and is becoming an international commodity.

Visit our booth if you are attending the FHCA's annual conference or for more information on how to protect yourself or your loved ones.